Application Notes

A knowledge base of vibration testing application notes available for downloading; please send additional submittals by E-mail or disk.

Test Troubleshooting – Summary of the common problems encountered running vibration tests.

Windows NT Operation – Using the DVC-4 software with Windows NT or 2000.

Introduction To Vibration Testing by Wayne Pauly. 30 Kbytes.

Introduction To The DVC-8 by Wayne Pauly. 30 Kbytes.

DVC-8 16 Channel Operation by Wayne Pauly. 30 Kbytes.

DVC-8 Export File Formats  by Wayne Pauly. 30 Kbytes.

Reactance Chart- The classic K & E reactance / frequency graph. 1.380 Kbytes.

Vibration Nomograph- D/V/A vs. frequency graph. 1,391 Kbytes.

Vibration Formulas- List of common formulas. 2 Kbytes.

Software Control – Description and example of DVC-4 software control.

FFT Description - Basic description of the FFT and Windowing. 4 Kbytes.

Relationship Between Sampling Rate, Bandwidth, Resolution, Etc. - 4 Kbytes.

Using Random Controllers As Spectrum Analyzers - 7 Kbytes.

Repairing the DSC/DRC Current Sources - 4 Kbytes.

DVC-4 Test Profile File Formats - 128 Kbytes.

DVC-4 Test Export File Formats - 155 Kbytes

DVC-4 Troubleshooting tips - 12 Kbytes

DVC-4 Upgrading Computers - 26 Kbytes

Custom Shock Waveshapes - 6 Kbytes



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