Download List

Version 2.15 Now Released With Transfer Function Plots and Plot Scaling!

Select from the following list to download software:

Click here for DVC-8  or  DVC-8/4  Controller software.


Obsolete Product Support:

Click here for VTS Software.

Click here for VibrationWorld software.

Other brands please upgrade to VibrationWorld software.

Having installation troubles? Click here.

Windows NT/2000/Xp driver for V2.x software ( Dvc32dll.dll, Ver 2.22, 12/20/06, 17 Kb.)

Windows NT/2000/Xp driver install notes  ( Drivers.txt, 12/20/06, 2 Kb.)

For the latest version of Instacal, go to, choose the latest Instacal software version and download and install.

 Click here for support for Version 1.xx 16 bit programs.

Revised 6/25/12



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