VibrationWorld DVC-8 Controller

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These are the latest demonstration programs and software upgrades available for the DVC-8 Vibration Controller. The Demo software and full programs are self-executing; unzip the folder and click on Setup. Save the downloaded individual upgrade files in a temporary folder to be sure the transfer is complete, and then copy the new files over the existing ones in the C:\Program Files\DVC8 folder to complete the upgrade. Check in HELP|ABOUT SOFTWARE in each program to verify installation.

VibrationWorld Sine executable ( DVC8DSC.EXE, Ver. 2.41 2/01/2013,  692 Kb.).

·  VibrationWorld Random executable ( DVC8DRC.EXE, Ver. 2.412  6/03/2013,  936 Kb.).

·  VibrationWorld Shock executable ( DVC8CSC.EXE, Ver. 2.411 4/05/2013,  772 Kb.).

·  VibrationWorld Introductory Screen ( DVC8.EXE, Ver. 2.411, 4/05/2013,  52 Kb.).

Common Files:

Revised  6/03/2013

Vibration World



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